About Adjusters247.com 
We educate Claims Professionals in every aspect of claims handling.
Adjusters247.com is dedicated to providing Claims Professionals the information they need to be more Efficient and Proficient in their chosen profession.

We do this through our daily podcast, blogs, weekly webinars and a stack of resources accumulated over a 32 year career.

We discuss many topics including current catastrophe operations around the country as well as potential job opportunities for both daily and catastrophe adjusters.

We also discuss relevent claims related topics and current industry news, and how they affect us in the field and in the office.

Then in our teaching and coaching segments, we get into what every claims professional, regardless of their position or years of experience, will find useful in their daily lives.

Adjusters247.com is NOT just another claims related website.  We are a resource for any Claims Professional that is interested in becoming better educated and informed, which will help them go further up the ladder in the claims industr y path they have chosen.

If you're new to the insurance claims busines, Adjusters247.com is the place for you.  With our Mentorship Program, you'.ll gain the experience you need as we grow together in this endeavor.
If you're a seasoned vet, Adjusters247.com is also the place for you. We learn something new about this business every day.  As policies change, procedures change, computers and technology change, we'll help you evolve with the times so as not to get left behind.

When we started Adjusters247.com, our first goal was to create a system where any Claims Professional could find answers to questions they run into every day but often times can't get answers to.  We understand being adjusters ourselves ho frustrating that is.

We believe a better informed  staff on current claims issues leads to reduced cycle times, higher Q/A scores. and leads to better customer service for your clients and the insureds.  

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